The Ghost Riders Bios

Ed Chervansky, guitar
ed chervanskyPlaying throughout the east coast and extensively in this area for more than 30 years, Ed has enjoyed considerable time in numerous blues, jazz, funk, rock and country swing bands. He’s been influenced by jazz guitarists such as Wes Montgomery and Charlie Parker, as well as the country giants like Roy Clark, Chet Atkins, James Burton, Albert Lee and Vince Gill. On the local scene, Ed currently plays solo and with his own band, the Ed Chervansky Trio.

JD Snyder, vocals & guitars
jd snyderJD is currently playing as a solo-acoustic act, after having been bandleader of the Penfield Reefers band. During the past 20 years, he has lived and performed in the Chesapeake Bay area and Nashville before returning to his home state of Connecticut. During that time, he’s had the opportunity to play with members of the Kenny Rogers band, Kenny Chesney band and has written songs that were picked up by Confederate Railroad and Ken Mellons. He even shared the stage with bluegrass legend, Bill Harrell & the Virginians. JD has also recorded several of his own CD’s that have received some airplay on the radio. For more information on JD, see

John Zanella, bass
John has been playing and recording in tri-state area bands that are far too numerous to mention. Not one to sit around collecting dust, he currently plays in South Broadway Rhythm, Mia & the Riff, Roger-Z & the Zygotes and with Cinnamon Girl. John is one of the most sought after players around and has subbed with virtually everyone on the planet.

Huda Heknoze, drums

Not only is he the Master of Space and Time but is also widely recognized for his inspiring quotes.

"If your word ain't worth a crap, neither are you"

 "The smoker you drink, the player you get"

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